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My husband and I fuck his co-worker

Category: Group

It was a hot June evening, the sun had just set and a cool breeze was now starting to blow as is usual at that time of the year where we live. Todd, my husband, had called and said he would be home from work shortly, and so I decided to wait for him out on the front porch. I was in my usual Saturday attire cutoffs and a white t-shirt. I had been cleaning the house all day and I was hot so I had taken my bra off before I went outside. The breeze that was blowing was causing my nipples to get hard as they rubbed under the soft cotton of my shirt. I smiled to myself as I thought that Todd may just get lucky tonight. I had no idea at the time just how lucky!

When Todd got home he joined me on the porch and gave me a kiss and let his hands wander over my tight shirt, and then in his most romantic voice, he said, "What's for dinner?" I laughed at him and we were in the middle of that conversation when the phone rang. Todd answered it and I halfway listened to his "yeah's" and "uhuh's" as he talked. Then I heard, "Let me talk to Hallie and I'll call you back." Todd came to me and told me that Nichole, a girl that he worked with, was at home alone that night. Her husband was out of town and she was bored. She wanted to come over and play cards or something. I had met Nichole a few times. She was a pretty girl with black curly hair and ivory skin. She had a very sweet personality and as I remembered was a little chubby, but not bad. But the one thing I remembered most about her was her enormous breasts! They were monsters. I had never really been totally satisfied with my 36C's but these things were even more than I wanted to have.

She always wore larger shirts than she needed, I think to minimize them, but then again she was kind of a shy girl anyway, or so I thought!

I told Todd to call her back and invite her over and we would fire up the grill and cookout. I also asked him to get her to stop at the ABC store and bring us some adult libations. I decided to go and take a shower.

While soaping up I heard the door open, and as I kind of figured and secretly hoped, Todd got in with me. He took the soap from me and took over where I had left off he ran the soap over my tits and down my slick tummy and then around to my ass. The soap fell, but Todd was still groping me his lips and tongue tangled with mine, one hand grabbing my ass the other full of my right tit. The hot water washed over both of us as we engaged in this little bit of foreplay, and then Todd bent down to retrieve the soap. I looked down at him. He was face to puss with me, and even though I was standing under the hot shower stream a shiver went through me, because at that very moment he let his tongue explore the bare baby smooth outer lips of my clit and pussy. I closed my eyes and sighed. I opened my legs slightly and he went in deeper as his tongue flicking at my clit and then ran down to taste the juices that had started to flow from my now very wet pussy. He stopped abruptly and I looked down rather disappointed. "Later." He said with a wink. I halfway smiled back and we finished our shower, but left other things far from finished.

When Nichole arrived we had almost finished dinner and I thanked her for the liquor and started mixing drinks. I asked her what she wanted and she just shrugged. "I've never really drunk that much." She said. "Well what do you like?" I asked her. Again she shrugged I nodded and turned and fixed her a very watered down version of my famous whiskey sour. Todd took his straight up and I made mine pretty strong. Nichole smiled when she tasted hers and said she liked it. I just smiled and thought to myself how fun it would be to get her drunk for the first time.

We ate our dinner and then retired to the living room. I refreshed everybody's drinks making Nichole's a little stronger this time and poured myself a double. Todd came back into the kitchen under the pretense of helping me and smiled a naughty smile that I only get when he has something dirty on his mind. "What is it?" I dared to ask. "What's on your mind?" "You know how I've been begging you lately for a threesome?" He asked. How could I not, that was all he had been talking about lately, and I had finally told him I would do it mainly to shut him up about it, but also because I was a little curious. I had always been a straight arrow, and never really kinky. Don't get me wrong I liked sex just as much as the next girl, but I had never really had any opportunities to do anything out of the ordinary. The closest I had ever come to being kinky was a night not long before that when Todd and I had not been able to control ourselves and pulled into a deserted parking lot and he had fucked me on the hood of the car. But that's another story for a later time.

"What about it" I asked "How about you and me and Nichole?" he asked rather excitedly. "The girl has never even been drunk before Todd, what makes you think she'd even be interested in a threesome?" I asked. "Because I asked her, the other day at work we were talking and sex came up and I asked her if she would be willing to do you and she said yes! She thinks you're really pretty and said she'd love to see you naked." My cheeks flushed a little. "Really?" I asked. Todd nodded. "Let's not push it, we'll just see where tonight takes us, okay." I said not wanting to promise, but not wanting to completely count it out either. As I came back into the living room and gave Nichole her drink, she smiled and patted the cushion next to her. I could tell she was already getting a little tipsy and smiled slightly. She took a big gulp of her drink. "Careful!" I warned. I made that one a little stronger. It's great she said and finished it in about two more big drinks. "Can I have another?" She asked. "Let's wait a minute and see how hard that one hits you," I said, "Then maybe I'll get you another one." "So what do you beautiful ladies want to do?" Todd asked, as I sucked down the rest of my drink wanting to make sure I kept up with the two of them. "We want you to take off your shirt!" Nichole said teasingly. I just sat back and smiled. I couldn't have agreed more I loved seeing Todd with his shirt off. He was the strong muscular type anyway and lately he had been lifting weights again. Although he didn't have a six-pack yet, he was well on his way and his chest was unbelievable and so were his shoulders and arms. Todd obliged and then asked what we were going to do in return? Nichole told him we would take off our bras. Todd looked at me and smiled his naughty little smile again. Everything was going just as he had hoped, maybe even better. He agreed and we both removed our bras. My nipples immediately became hard and stood taunt against my tank top. Nichole's fell some, but you could still see through her thin shirt how massive they were, and I'll admit by this time I was ready to check those babies out up close and personal. I went into the kitchen to fix us all another drink. "Nice tits!" Nichole said as I reached over her to get her glass off the table. I looked up and she was looking admiringly down my tank top. I let my right breast graze her hand and winked at her as I stood up. She just laughed and smacked me on the ass. I could hear Todd and Nichole talking while I was in the kitchen, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. When I got back to the living room it was perfectly clear. Todd was looking through our porn collection and Nichole had taken her top off. "We decided Todd shouldn't be the only one topless in here." Nichole said " He said he'd pick us out a good porno if we agreed to take our tops off too." What the hell I thought. I worked out and had great perky tits and a flat tummy, what did I have to hide? So I handed them both their drinks and pulled my tank top off too. The ceiling fan was on so again my nipples stood ripe and at attention. I was the one gulping this time; I thought if this night got going any faster, I was going to need a little liquid courage.

When the porno started we all started watching the scene. I looked over at Todd and from across the room I could tell his cock was getting hard and starting to bulge against his jeans. That with the combination of the movie, the booze and Nichole's fabulous tits in plain sight was really starting to make me horny. I started thinking back to the shower we had shared earlier and before I knew it my hand was in my cutoffs. I looked over at Nichole she smiled and did me one better and took off her shorts and her panties. She laid back on the couch and placed one smooth leg across my lap. She spread her legs and started rubbing her clit. I moved her leg and moved up her body until we were face to face. I smiled and then bent down and kissed her. She kissed me back and what started as a tease for Todd quickly turned into an all out tonguing match. Todd came quickly to our side to get a closer look and asked me if I wouldn't be more comfortable without my shorts. I looked at Nichole and she said she wanted me to take them off too. So, I leaned up to my knees and unbuttoned the top button. Todd's fingers were there to help me with he rest. I looked back over at Nichole. She had one hand squeezing her own nipple and another rubbing her clit. By this time, Todd had removed my shorts and groaned when he saw I hadn't been wearing any panties. I could tell just by looking at his jeans that they would be able to hold his cock back much longer. I raised naked self up to him and kissed him hard as I rubbed it through his jeans. Then I looked up at him and said you asked for it." Before he could ask me what I was talking about, I fell back to Nichole and kissed her wildly again her hands ran all over my body. She grabbed my tits and my ass and I lowered my face into her abundant cleavage. I kissed and sucked all over both of her tits and then flicked her nipples with my tongue. At last I took her nipples into my mouth one at the time and sucked on each one of them softly at first and then with more passion. She sighed and then gasped. Her hands were all in my long tangled hair. I looked back at Todd to see that he had released his cock from its torment in his jeans, and was stroking it gently. This time I was the one with the naughty grin as I slipped down even further between Nichole's legs and began to kiss her thighs and lick them softly with my tongue, she sighed and moaned. Then without even thinking, I went straight into her clit and started tasting her with my tongue. I could smell her juices as they were starting to wet her pussy and that made me even hornier. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and buried my head deeper into her cunt. Nichole was moaning and thrashing, but I remained calm as I placed my fingers inside her. First just one and then two and finally three fingers. She turned and twisted as much as I would allow her to. I was licking her clit furiously by now I wanted to make her cum! All of the sudden her thrashing stopped and I stopped long enough to look up to see what she was doing. When I raised my head I saw her facing Todd with almost all of his hard 9inches in her mouth. I was shocked and I even surprised myself but the sight of it got me even more riled up and I went back to the business at hand. This time though I was licking even harder and faster and thrusting my fingers in her soaked pussy to the same rhythmic pace. I could hear Todd groaning and sighing to my left and then suddenly I felt his fingers enter my pussy from behind. I was the one gasping this time. When I did I could hear Nichole laugh a little. But she didn't laugh for very long. I rammed my fingers into her and went back to working over her clit and suddenly she stared to shake. "OOOO, I'M CUMMING," she yelled. I smiled to myself proud of the job I had done, but kept on licking and finger fucking her. I slowed a little and then a little more until was sure she had finished. I looked up at her and crawled back up her body and licked and kissed her tits and nipples again and then moved up to kiss her with her sex still wet on my lips and tongue. "It's your turn," she said as she smiled at me. "Let's go somewhere more comfortable." I suggested and led the way down the hallway to our bedroom. I turned on the bedside lamp, but it had an amber bulb so the room was only dimly lit. Then I positioned myself on the bed and Nichole put herself between my legs. Todd laid down on his side facing us so as to not miss a second of his fantasy as we played it out before his eyes. He leaned up and kissed me and then back to my side and started rubbing my thigh. Nichole kissed me tenderly at first and then got harder and harder, she even bit my lip several times. It surprised me, but I just figured it turned her on more. She then moved down to my tits and sucked on them and toyed with them with her tongue. "Aren't they great tits?" Todd asked Nichole. She agreed which proved to turn me on even more. Todd knew exactly what to say. He knew how much more I enjoyed myself when I knew the person I was with appreciated my body. His hands were now rubbing my clit very gently and occasionally he slipped a finger or two in to my pussy. Nichole was quick to move him though as she journeyed even further down my body, licking and kissing the whole way. When she finally put her head between my legs I thought I was going to explode. She ran her rough tongue up and down my clit and then slipped it into my pussy and fucked me with her tongue for a moment and then was back to my clit. She licked and kissed and bit my clit working me into frenzy. I reached for Todd's dick. I wanted him to enjoy some of my energy. I took him into my mouth and sucked on his long pole as hard as I could. His pre-cum was starting to ooze and I licked up every drop. Moans and groans and sighs filled the room. Nichole took a break long enough to tell me how good I tasted and smelled and that it made her horny to watch me suck Todd's dick while she was eating me out. She then went back to her job of overwhelming me with her new technique. I asked her if she wanted me to tell her when I was cumming and she nodded her head. Only a few minutes after I yelled out that I was. She kept her head between my legs and moved her tongue to my pussy and caught every last bit from me.

She sat up on her knees and asked Todd if he wanted to taste his wife. Todd said yes and started to move to go down on me when Nichole caught him and tongued him hard. "Oops," she said sensing Todd's surprise. "You don't mind do you Hallie?" she asked me. "Not at all I said with a smile. She kissed him again and he licked her lips to get all of my cum into his mouth. "Nichole, "I started, "What do you think of Todd's dick?" Nichole smiled "It beats the hell out of Billy's" She said. "He's not very big, and to be honest sex with him is kinda boring at times" she said. I was stunned that she would talk about her husband like that but Todd seemed pleased with himself. ""You want to help me suck him?" I asked. Her eyes lit up and we both went quickly to Todd's rock hard cock and started taking turns licking and sucking his cock and his balls. Every time we thought he was close to cumming, we'd back off. We both wanted to get fucked that night, and we weren't about to let him get out of his end of the bargain. After about 20 minutes Todd said he was ready to fuck. I laid down on the bed and spread my legs. Todd lowered himself down to me and then slide all 9 inches into my slit. "OOO you feel so good I whispered." And he did. I loved the way his dick filled my pussy and I loved the way he used it to fuck me so hard it would take my breath. Right now though he was sliding it in and out slow and easy, teasing me knowing I was wanting more. I looked over at Nichole and she had her hands buried in her pussy again. "Do you like to watch?" I asked. She shook her head yes. "Do you want me to eat you out again?" I asked "Maybe in a minute" she said. " Right now I want to watch Todd fuck your brains out." I laughed, but Todd took it as a direct order and started pumping himself into me harder and harder. At first I was able to rock back and forth helping him as he rammed his cock into my dripping pussy. Eventually he got so fast and hard that I just grabbed his ass and pushed him in further, and finally I just held my legs up and watched as he did what he does best, fuck me!! I looked over at Nichole still fingering herself right before I came. She saw what was happening and fell toward me and took my tit in her mouth. I ran my fingers through her black curls and came all over Todd's ever prodding cock. When I was finished he pulled out and without a second thought Nichole took him into her mouth and licked all my cum of his cock that was still hard as a rock. She licked him all over first and then deep throated him a couple of times. Todd looked as if he were in ecstasy. I couldn't help but to smile. I was glad he was getting to live out this fantasy and I had to say I was really enjoying myself too. When Nichole was through cleaning him up. Todd asked her, "Are you ready for me?" Nichole looked at him and shook her head. She laid down on her back and I took her tits on my hands and mouth. She spread her legs and Todd slowly entered her. She moaned low at first, but then as Todd placed his whole cock in her she gasped and I could tell he had taken her breath. "Feels good doesn't it?" I asked her. "Mmmhhhmmm" was all she could utter. I went back to working her tits and Todd gradually got faster and faster. She was really starting to groan and sometimes even scream in ecstasy. "Are you going to cum on his cock," I asked her in a husky whisper as I licked her ear my hands still massaging every inch of her tits.

"Yes!!!" she yelled. And she did she was panting for air by the time Todd was finished helping her climax. He pulled out of her and I was amazed to find him still hard. Before I had a chance Nichole took his cock into her mouth again. I knew I was ready for him again so when she finished I moved over to him and told him to get behind me and fuck me doggy style while I ate Nichole out. She agreed happily and laid down with her legs spread wide for me I started licking her clit and Todd forced his big throbbing cock back into my pussy. I shuttered, but Man did he feel good! As I licked and sucked on Nichole's now swollen clit, she raised her legs into the air so I could get in at a better angle. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and tasted her sweetness as it dripped onto my tongue. Todd's fucking gave me a nice rhythm and Nichole started moaning again. I moved back to her clit but didn't stay there long because almost out of nowhere I felt my pussy contracting around Todd's cock. I was Cumming again! Nichole moved herself so that she was under me and sucking on my tits as they smacked her in the face. Todd usually eases up when he knows I'm cumming, but this time he just went in harder and harder. I was screaming in pure pleasure. Nichole and I switched places and he fucked her from behind as hard as he could. She tried her best to go down on me, but he was ramming in to her so hard it was all she could do to stay on her knees. I moved to her side and rubbed and pinched her nipples and reached with the other hand and let my hand glide gently over his balls. I grabbed them gently and started telling him to fuck her over and over again until finally I was yelling, "Fuck her Todd!! Fuck her harder! Fuck her deeper! Fuck that pussy harder baby!!" Nichole let out a yell and then collapsed on the bed all of us were sweating and I knew if I was tired with me being used to Todd, that Nichole must be exhausted. "We gotta help him cum." I said to her. She shook her head in agreement. For the second time that night, we both took his cock into our mouths. Taking turns sucking him and licking his balls and helping to jack him off. We worked him over for several minutes until finally he stared to groan, softly at first and then louder and louder. We kept licking and sucking until finally he told us he was cumming. We both were on our knees so we just sat back waiting for the explosion to fall all over us. Todd was jacking his cock now and within seconds Nichole and I both had our tits showered in Todd's cum. When he finished he fell down to the pillows and thought everything was through. That was until he looked at us and we at each other and then we licked each other's tits clean of his cum. His eyes were wide with pleasure and surprise. When we felt like we had swallowed every bit of his load we fell on either side he kissed us both and I reached over and turned out the light. We all three laid there in one sweaty cum-soaked pile with arms and legs wrapped around one another. All of us exhausted, but all of us wondering what the morning held in store for us.



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